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The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance (Publishers Weekly, 12/1/2017)

Infographic Guide To Personal Finance

Capital 101: Personal Finance Books 2018

Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of infographics on major personal finance websites, The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance (Adams Media, Dec.) targets readers in their 20s and 30s with a book comprised solely of charts, graphs, lists, and other visual elements, dealing with topics ranging from student loan debt to buying a first home.

“This age group is used to consuming content in an easily digestible format,” says Brendan O’Neill, director of editorial at Adams Media. Author Michele Cagan, a CPA, has written several newbie financial guides for Adams Media, including 2016’s Investing 101; designer Elisabeth Lariviere also worked on a 2017 college guide in the Infographic series…


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The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance (Washington Post, 12/8/2017)

Infographic Guide To Personal Finance

Want to better manage your money? This book will show you how.

If we want people to be better informed, we have to meet them where they are and tailor teaching techniques to best fit various learning styles. For the visual learners, for example, we need create material that’s visually engaging. If this is your style, then you’ll like my choice for this month’s Color of Money Book Club. It’s “The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance” ($16.99, Adams Media) by Michele Cagan and Elisabeth Lariviere…


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Stock Market 101 (BetterInvesting Magazine, 3/2017)

Accounting 101 review

Amazon Reviews for ‘Stock Market 101’


How to Turn Your Side Gig into a Tax Cut (Well Wallet, 12/11/2017)

If you’re making money with a side gig, I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news: You have to pay taxes on that extra cash. The good news: With some creative (and legal) accounting, you might be able to turn that side gig income into a tax cut… or at least seriously reduce any tax you might owe on it…


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Stock Market 101 (Market Wrap, 11/30/2016)

Check out the interview I did for Market Wrap, with Moe Ansari. You can listen to the whole show, or jump to my segment (23:30) to hear Moe and I talk about my book “Stock Market 101” along with how timing, taxes, and – of course – politics can impact your investments.