About Michele Cagan, CPA

In another life, I worked for one of the biggest accounting firms in the world. I put on a suit and trekked down to a Wall Street office every day, helping some of America’s biggest and most successful companies grow their revenues and protect their assets.

From there, I moved to a smaller firm where I still wore a suit, but now worked to help small business owners launch successful companies, and help families looking to minimize their taxes and protect their nest eggs.

But that was all before I became a mom.

Right before my son was born, I left that corporate world. And that’s when things started to change.

Even though I was a CPA – a financial professional – once I had my son (and went through my divorce), there were times I could not make ends meet, and long periods where I lived paycheck to paycheck, desperately hoping no unexpected expenses would crop up… but they almost always did.

I’ve faced times when I couldn’t pay rent and bills at the same time… endured the humiliation they put you through when you need to sign up for WIC, just so you can make sure your kid has enough to eat… seen the disappointment on my son’s face when we couldn’t afford a toy all his friends had.

Thankfully, I had people who helped me through those toughest times.

And now, I’m dedicated to doing the same thing for you.

That’s what Single Mom CPA is all about – helping other moms find secure financial footing, not just to make ends meet but also to build emergency savings and college funds, to have a little extra for you and your kids, and to make sure you don’t end up drowning in debt.